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At Nestunet, it is possible to fish in the Hardangerfjord, where we have a place by the fjord with a boathouse and a boat. In the summer, there are good swimming opportunities. The famous fishing lake Skogseidvatnet is only 7 km from Nestunet. It is possible to rent a boat in the area.


The outdoor area on the farm is good and spacious, where various activities can be carried out.


The cultural landscape is well-kept and rich in content, and invites to both short and long walks.


Nestunet is sponsor of “Norway's little red” - a telephone kiosk with books. Here you can both give and find a book.

Norway's second stone arch bridge built in recent times was opened in this landscape in 2018. The bridge was built as a training project in which people from all over Norway as well as Denmark and Scotland participated.


In the summer season, the operation is based on self-catering, but we also have an agreement with local suppliers who deliver local traditional food if that is desirable. There is also the possibility of outdoor grilling and enjoying the food under a under the roof of an annex to the barn.


Autumn is the season for deer hunting, in which both guests and family can participate.


Nestunet has its own art gallery, "Kubbefloren", which is in the old farm building from 1900.


In the area around Nestunet, there are a lot of possibilities to experience the beautiful nature, please take a look at the links below, as well as the map below the picture:

Visit Strandebarm

Baroniet Rosendal Manor House & Gardens

Fartøyvernsenteret: Hardanger Maritime Centre 

Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall 

The Directorate for Cultural Heritage

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