Hardanger, Fjord Norway - Nestunet


Hardanger, Fjord Norway

In Hardanger, Fjord Norway, nature is the biggest attraction. Who would believe that you could grow apples, pears, plums and even cherries at 60° north? A mild and pleasant climate and clear, light summer nights are ideal for our guests, as well as for fruit and berries. The Hardangerfjord is the queen of the Norwegian fjords.

Hardanger is situated in the heart of Fjord Norway. No more than one and a half hour from Bergen you find Nestunet, situated on the farm Nes near Mundheim in Hardanger. Nestunet is an ideal start for rare adventures of scenic Fjord nature. Here you will find excellent conditions for hiking, fishing and deer hunting. In picturesque surroundings by the Hardanger Fjord, Nestunet offer accommodation for families and groups up to 16 people. Nestunet is ideal for intimate seminars, strategy meetings or for a private stay for you and your family.

The farm is run full time with cows, sheep and forestry. It is open all year, but the month of May and June are particularly picturesque with the fruit blossom and other colourful vegetation. Also the autumn colors and the crispy clear autumn breeze gives a remarkable nature experience. In the summer there are plenty of possibilities for bathing and fishing. Nestunet have their own private little bathing place with a boat-house and brew. In addition to our own private trout lake, there is only 7 km to one of Norway's best fishing lakes.

We are proud to inform that Nestunet is awarded the Norwegian Heritage’s Medal of Approval – “Olavsrosa”. The Medal of Approval points the way to special products whose roots are plantet in the Norwegian heritage. It is awarded after strict evaluation with emphasis on the product’s cultural and historic values, how they are preserved and how they are presented to the public.